Year 6 residential~Isle Of Wight

The children had a fantastic trip to the Isle Of Wight for their residential. The week was jam packed from beginning to end.

The children visited a donkey sanctuary, Blackgang Chine, The Needles and Robin Hill Country Park. Lots of activities at all the venues and lots of other activities during the evening.

The children were suitably tired by the end of the week and all had a fantastic time away.

Exmoor Challenge 2022

On Saturday 30th April 2022, a number of our pupils took part in the Exmoor Challenge which is organised by the Rotary Club.

The challenge is a 16 mile hike across the rolling countryside of Exmoor. The weather was definitely on our side this year and the children had great conditions to walk in.

The children worked extremely well together in their teams and encouraged and supported each other throughout the challenge. They had to read maps, compasses and follow instructions. The children all showed determination and perseverance across the challenge. Staff met the children at the check points for encouragement and the children were all smiling and in good spirits. They walked brilliantly and all crossed the finish line, some still had enough energy to run across the finish line! We are incredibly proud of them all and their achievement of completing the 16 mile challenge.

World Book Day 2022

As part of World Book Day, the Year 6 children came dressed as their favourite characters from a fiction book of their choice.

The children explored and shared with their peers, why that was their favourite character and were able to share their love of reading through discussions.

Canal walk

Year 6 recently went on a walk along the Tiverton Canal. This was a fantastic way to end the week, after working hard on assessments.

The children were able to do some team building activities and were mindful of the environment around them. The children walked as far as the Swan’s Nest car park and were able to take in some fantastic views of the countryside and observe some of the local wildlife.

Time In A Bottle

Year 6 were lucky enough to have Paul Stevens visit for the workshop of ’Time In A Bottle’.

Mr Stevens has been coming to the school for 22 years!

He performed a play to the children which told the story of a boy called Al Cohol. How Al had started to ‘hang out’ with older children and was introduced to alcohol. The story highlighted the implications that alcohol can have on someone when it takes over their life. Lots of trials and tribulations along the way.

Paul then talked to the children through a workshop about alcohol and explored their perceptions of it and what they knew about alcohol. The children also took part in a true or false quiz.

Antarctica – a meteorologist’s experiences

A senior operational meteorologist from the Met Office came to visit us to share her experiences of Antarctica. Catherine has visited Antarctica twice with the British Antarctic Survey and had lots to share with us. We learnt about how she travels to the continent, the kit she has to take in order to keep warm and about some of the research she carries out. She also showed us photos and videos of Rothera Research Station. We learnt about the weather and climate in Antarctica; how it varies over the continent, how it changes over the year and how it compares to where we live. We even did an experiment to find out how air pressure affects temperature. We particularly enjoyed finding out about some of the wildlife that can be found in Antarctica.

Tiverton Museum visit

Year 6 visited the museum as part of their World War 2 topic. The visit enabled the children to further embed their knowledge of World War 2 and engage in an enrichment activity within the local community.

Children had a rationing workshop where children were able to ‘shop’ and look at what a weeks worth of food looked like back then. Lots of surprises there!

There was a ‘make do and mend’ workshop which enabled the children to see how resourceful people needed to be during World War 2 and they were impressed that an old parachute was made into a nightgown!

The local history of Tiverton was talked about and how the Tivvy Bumper was then used and how and why evacuees came to Tiverton. There was the opportunity to try on similar clothes of a child then and what a typical evacuees suitcase might have looked like.

Children were able to sit in a typical Anderson shelter and learn about why they were used and how they might have looked and what was required in them, for the time that families spent in them.

There was also a tour of the museum, looking at the farm machinery that would have been used in those times and since then.

There were lots of local case studies and pictures relating to Tiverton and World War 2.

The children had a great day and it is lovely to be able to have such a useful resource in Tiverton to be able to draw further enrichment activities from.

Remembrance Day

Year 6 held a virtual assembly for Remembrance day for the school and their families. The children worked really hard to understand the plight of those who fought so hard for our country during both world wars and those that are still fighting in conflict today.

The children remembered those with thanks that had given their lives in sacrifice and so that we can live in a more secure and peaceful world.

The children had been understanding poetry that had been written over the years in relation to the wars and Remembrance and then preceded to write their own. The children were very thoughtful, humble, respectful and mature when writing their poetry.

The video was shared with the rest of the school as part of that days assembly and a 2 minute silence was observed by the whole school at 11am.

A 2 minute silence was observed by the whole school at 11am.

Year 6 Leavers Video

Goodbye from all of Year 6 at Two Moors!

It’s been a little challenging at times for us this year but we are now all looking forward to heading on to secondary school and beyond together!

Wishing everyone all the best in everything they choose to do in the future.

Good luck!😊

Click on the picture below to watch the video.