Tiverton Museum visit

Year 6 visited the museum as part of their World War 2 topic. The visit enabled the children to further embed their knowledge of World War 2 and engage in an enrichment activity within the local community.

Children had a rationing workshop where children were able to ‘shop’ and look at what a weeks worth of food looked like back then. Lots of surprises there!

There was a ‘make do and mend’ workshop which enabled the children to see how resourceful people needed to be during World War 2 and they were impressed that an old parachute was made into a nightgown!

The local history of Tiverton was talked about and how the Tivvy Bumper was then used and how and why evacuees came to Tiverton. There was the opportunity to try on similar clothes of a child then and what a typical evacuees suitcase might have looked like.

Children were able to sit in a typical Anderson shelter and learn about why they were used and how they might have looked and what was required in them, for the time that families spent in them.

There was also a tour of the museum, looking at the farm machinery that would have been used in those times and since then.

There were lots of local case studies and pictures relating to Tiverton and World War 2.

The children had a great day and it is lovely to be able to have such a useful resource in Tiverton to be able to draw further enrichment activities from.

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