Exmoor Challenge


Alcohol Awareness Day 

Today Year 6 have been working with Mr Paul Stevens and have participated in a drama workshop. The powerful workshop gave a clear insight into the dangers of alcohol.

WW2 Experience Day Excellent resources from: http://www.historic-newspapers.co.uk/

Year 6 have spent the day experiencing many different activities based on World War 2:

  1. Learning and rehearsing songs
  2. Creating ‘old’ paper and developing calligraphy skills
  3. Sketching and discussing artifacts from the War & the impact it has on us
  4. Tasting and creating food based on rationed ingredients

Excellent resources were found from http://www.historic-newspapers.co.uk/


Alcohol Awareness

Year 6 had a visitor from Paul Stevens. Through a creative performance allowed the children to see the dangers of alcohol abuse.


What was your favourite part?

Did anything surprise you?

WW2 Experience Day

Year 6 had a day full of experiences with cooking as if they had the ingredients available at that time, learning and performing WW2 songs, researching artifacts and  writing in the role of a child in WW2.

How is life now different compared to in WW2?